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ARN Remote PRO

  • Bluetooth Handlebar Remote Controller for navigation apps.

    Intuitive design with big buttons and two-way switch, Rally style design that is fine tuned to also support all DMD2 features.

    With Wifi Firmware Updates, 4 different function modes (DMD2, Roadbook, Navigation, Media)


    • BLE 5.0

    • 12V Powered with protection against inverted connection, short-circuit, overload

    • Thin and ergonomic

    • Multi-function modes

    • Standby mode with only 0,001A (1mA) consumption

    • Water and dust proof

    • Only 2cm wide

  • Button names as referred inside DMD2:
    (Button actions do not matter as much because depending on the view you are different functions apply or the user can even select what each button does).

    1 – ENTER button
    2 – LEFT button
    3 – RIGHT Button
    4 – UP Button
    5 – DOWN Button

    Depending on the app section long press applies using the terms:

    1- Long Press: “ENTER LONG”
    2 – Long Press: “SPECIAL / PLUS”
    3 – Long Press: “BACK / MINUS”

    How to change the Function Modes:

    Press 1 (ENTER) and while holding it use UP / DOWN (4/5) to change modes.
    Look at the indicator (6) and follow the colors:

    DMD2 Mode – Blue
    Roadbook Mode – Red
    Other Nav Apps – Yellow
    Music – Green

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