GT 723 RH –
It’s the Rear tyre F.I.M. approved, known as the the best marathon tyre for the rally raid races, carcass and compound
are designed to save the wear of the mousse and to resist to hard stress of classical rally african races without sacrificing
the grip. It’s the new tyre F.I.M. for rally raid races.
pattern makes this tyre much more aggressive and provide an unexpected grip never achieved before in every situation.

The GT723 was originally designed as a purebred race tire for the most demanding rally stages on the planet. Its perfect balance of grip and road manners have created a confidence inspiring race tire that is now used as the best adventure tire on the planet. Adventure riders throughout the world have found that the exceptional grip and durability has been paired with an unmatched level of longevity not found in traditional race tires. Adventure riding covers a wide variety of terrain and the GT723 has you covered anywhere your adventure leads!