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The ‘First Wave’ (military spec.) reservoirs are designed keeping the heightened abuse that may arise in extreme situations in mind. The 0.4mm thick thermopolyurethane (TPU) is twice the thickness of the standard consumer model and comes with a reinforced slider and the Hydrofusion insulated big-bore tube to match. The one-piece Hydrofusion insulated big-bore tube is lighter and more durable than standard neoprene insulation and has the insulation applied to the tube rather than covered with a sleeve. With the plug-N-play adapter, using push button technology, users can remove a sealed reservoir from their pack while leaving the tube intact, making for simple refilling and cleaning.




New for 2012 the 45-degree Elite Surge valve for perfect drinking ergonomics, dust cover and a twist on/off function for transporting a full reservoir before you ride without the risk of inadvertent leaking due to bite valve compression.




Tech Specs




3-litre (100 oz) capacity


Reversible for easy clean/dry


Wide fill (sliding seal)


Plug-N-Play (dry-break)


Insulated drink-tube


Velcro – drink tube management




Care instructions: Turn inside out, wash and dry. Do not use harse detergents or sterlising solutions. Complete drying is the only way to ensure no microbial growth. This is easy with the Hydrapak system as it is the only reservoir on the market that can be turned inside out.


“Awesome! must have for a day of adventuring.rnvery sturdy and components are all quality.rnCan be easily removed to make space when not needed.” – nguh105

Hydrapak reservoir

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