Mitas E10D Adventure Dakar Motorcycle Tyre

The perfect adventure and tourer tyre for rides that include fast highway, tracks, trails and serious off-road terrain.

The Mitas E10 Dakar is specifically designed for the large and powerful adventure and tourer bikes.

Using a special 'belted bias' tyre construction, the Mitas E10D offers improved traction and high-speed performance with the aggressive tread of a radial tyre and the physical durability of a traditional bias tyre.

The Mitas E10D handles like a dream on the highway with excellent power delivery and stability on the straight.

The aggressive tread and strong sidewalls of the E10 Dakar keeps you moving over sharp rocks, sand and mud.

30% Road / 70% Off-Road

  • Reinforced carcass adding extra strength and stability 
  • Upgraded compound for longer tread life and improved performance  
  • DOT approved

MITAS E10 Dakar 150/70B18 70T T/L

SKU: E10150R