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he Superlight kit is ready for the EXC, FE and EX platforms. The Superlight tower is modified to fit the 450 platform and in this version we are talking about an aluminum, CNC machined tower which weighs 848 grams! We will post some unique features of this built, but here are some of the exciting details:

- 3D resin aero-scoop which directs air to the rectifier for proper air-cooling.

- CNC tower main parts 848 grams.

- Mix and match parts to create your own unique layout.

- Light options (street legal, fully off road etc.)

- Unique rally screen (4mm thick).

- Patent pending safety system as an option to allow easier adjustment and minimize the forces in case of impact with the rider.

- CNC head clamp guaranteed for life. The only CNC clamp in the market with internal spacers to prevent creeping and frame damage.

- RAM balls as standard to minimize weight, adventure and rally back plate setups available to get all the digital equipment that you want on the bike.

- Easy access to rectifier and cabling by just removing the air-scoop.

- No permanent changes on the bike, fully reversible.

- CNC milled foam to prevent back scatter from the lights.

- Dzus fasteners in the screen.

Superlight Kit EXC/FE/EC

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