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Switched Power Accessory KTM/Husqvarna

Switched Power Accessory KTM/Husqvarna

  • This allows you to easily plug in this harness to add a switched power circuit for lower power draw accessories. [GPS, Phone, USB]

    *NOT recommended for heated grips.
    ** NOT recommended if you are running a high wattage LED. XL80 or Ruby Moto R7
    *** DO NOT use this on older bikes with a carburetor. AC wattage the headlight plug will fry most GPS and electronic accessories. 

    Plugs in between the headlight and the bike side headlight plug. Pulls power from the headlight circuit on the KTM EXC & Husqvarna FE-S bikes. On/Off with bike key switch. 

    TPI bikes will pull power only when the headlight is in the "on" position 

    • 2012-2023 KTM EXC-F, XW
    • 2015-2023 Husqvarna FE-S  
    • 2020-2023 Husqvarna FE (non-S)
    • KTM/HQV XC-W/TE TPI/Fuel injected Only  
    • 2012+ KTM 690
    • 2019+ Husqvarna 701
    • GasGas EC 20-2023
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