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The Tank adds further flexibility to the range by allowing the US-5, 10 and 20 packs to be converted into a tankbag. All fitting hardware included. Fits metal or plastic tanks, features quick release for fuel cap access and ultra grip base fabric. 10 year guarantee.


Now upgraded with additional loop fixings to make it even easier to attach the pack of your choice









Standard-fit is 2 x 25mm wide straps at the front (independently down to rad. mounts or joined together around the headstock). 25mm wide straps at rear locate on self-adhesive velcro under front edge of seat. An alternative fixing method can be supplied for bikes, where the seat does not easily move at the front (Ducati and some KTM models), this fitting hardware usually replaces the rear velcro solution wit 2 x loop straps which locate on the bike’s frame (Please call for further details). As long as your front seat-edge can move, you will be ok with the standard velcro solution.


Tank Bag Base

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