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Twin Pegs Husquarna 901 Norden

1-2 weeks delivery
  • TwinPegs™ is a game changing but very natural ergonomic concept for controlling offroad motorcycles while standing. Gain control and save energy – upgrade your motorcycle and have more fun. Ride faster further!

  • The brackets are similar for the two kits “Standard height” kit and “Lowered height” kit. The kit does not change the height of your primary foot pegs, you should choose “standard height” or “lowered height” according to the height of the primary pegs you are currently using. Down to -5 mm choose “standard height”, if lower choose “lowered height”, to get a kit with rear foot pegs that fit together with your primary foot pegs. Fine adjustment of rear foot peg height is done by adding / removing shims from the shim package that comes with the kit.

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